Four Ways To Increase Retention As A Freelance Copywriter

In my opinion, the dream freelance writing scenario is built on retention.

You have 4-5 clients paying you a lucrative retainer, and you work with those same clients for years and years and years.

In this scenario, you get all the benefits of freelancing:

  • Flexible hours and schedule
  • Not dependent on any one boss/client
  • High income

AND all the benefits of being employed:

  • Stable, predictable work and income
  • Familiar work atmosphere with ongoing relationships
  • Growing expertise within a given company/niche/subject matter

Unfortunately, most freelancers never experience these benefits, because they don’t know how to retain clients.

In today’s episode, I cover four highly practical ways you can increase client retention as a freelance copywriter, so that you can have a better chance of building this dream scenario for your own business.

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