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Promotional video is the most powerful marketing tool available. Use that power to promote your business. We are experts at videos that increase sales and engagement.

Use the power of video to promote your message

When compared to a printed page or a text webpage, video works harder. Video delivers engaging visuals, music and a compelling narrative. Whether you’re looking to promote a company or to promote a service, Kiri Labs can help. We have extensive experience in animated and live-action promotional video production.

Traditional marketing routes are being closed down or watered down. GDPR has put an end to much of the outbound promotional efforts undertaken by companies. Social media has become a cluttered and confusing mess of content.

Apple’s new restrictions on advert tracking will hamper those looking to use Facebook to promote a product or service. These new restrictions will go further, anyone using Facebook’s audience network has started seeing their advert tracking end on Apple devices. Facebook has admitted that Apple’s new restrictions have reduced the accuracy of its targeting.

Video has the power to stand out in this crowded marketplace. A website featuring a well-crafted video will capture the attention of viewers and will drive them to take action directly or share with others.

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