The 30 Best Copywriting Books You Can Read In 2021

6. The Boron Letters by Gary C. Halbert

Legend has it you can replace your 10,000 hours of copywriting practice by simply reading The Boron Letters 100 times. The trick is that you need to read them slowly, taking the same amount of time it would take you to write 10,000 hours worth of copy (whatever that number is).

Unlike the other books on this list, The Boron Letters isn’t really a book. It’s a collection of letters from Gary C. Halbert (a.k.a. the Greatest Copywriter Who Ever Lived) to his son, Bond.

In these letters, Gary shares his insider tips on how to convince and convert buyers using copy, and he sprinkles in a few pieces of life advice along the way. Bond also throws in his two cents underneath each letter to link the principles to modern advertising.

The Boron Letters is a cult classic that goes beyond just copywriting. If you want insights on copywriting, advertising, persuasion, business, and life – and more importantly, if you want to be able to skip writing altogether and just read your way to making millions as a copywriter – this “book” is for you.

“I say it is as much about marketing as life lessons because… well… it is. The book shares insights on success, being your best, how not to get taken advantage of, how to make better decisions, friends to keep, and dead weight people to throw away…I’ve recommended this book to all my friends regardless of occupation.” Aaron Frankel, Amazon customer

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